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My first memory of Everybody’s Records was going there with my dad when I was a kid so he could sell off all of our vinyl. I’m not sure how many he had in his collection, but I remember there being boxes. The plural of box. So it was a few, which we probably traded for a James Taylor CD box set or something. What a sad day.



The front of the store is dominated by CDs and band tees. I’m not really sure who buys either of these things anymore but someone does because Everybody’s keeps a good amount on steady supply and they’ve been open continuously since 1978 so they must know something I don’t.


And here’s the back where they keep the glorious vinyl. They also sell stickers back here, which I forgot to get a good picture of. Stickers fall into the same category of CDs and band tees. I bet that guy in the Batman shirts buys lots of stickers. And I’m sure they look great on his Aerostar.


I like this little corner back here. I’ve never found anything I want to buy back there but I like it anyway. It’s cozy…if I were to break into Everybody’s after a terribly whiskey bender this is where I would curl up and sleep/vomit.


Ahh, the showcase wall. Lots of good stuff here, mostly a selection of cool classic rock this time around. I was tempted by a Bob Dylan box set up there but, you know, I don’t really listen to Bob Dylan all that much…I just want to pretend I do. That Pat Benatar picture disc is also pretty tempting for when the internet goes down.  Meeeyowwww.


Another shot of the vinyl room. The stand to the right of the CDs holds most of the newer indie stuff. To the right of that is Jazz and Hip Hop. Rock lines the outside walls of the room. I couldn’t find the soundtrack section that I used to browse.

You’ll see on the floor the crates of 99 cent records. I was really lazy today and didn’t look through all of them. Well, I didn’t really need to because I found one stack that had a lot of good, cheap stuff that you’ll see below.



Not really sure why I took a picture of this little collection. I guess it just looks classy, or basically if I was to wake up one day and have magically acquired a sense of class this is the type of class I’d like to evoke. Nice 60s suit class, there’s nothing like it.



I bought this one solely for the cover. This is something I try to avoid because space is extremely precious in my SF apartment but there’s something very kinetic and powerful about this one…it’s definitely going on my wall. And I like trucks, they’re so big.


Really excited to play this one. I’m staying with my parents while I visit Cincinnati and they don’t have a record player (I know, bummer, right?). But it has several mixes of “Bad” and I can’t wait to play this on the new Rebuilt Tranny’s Record Exchange show on Mutiny Radio.


Again, super pumped about this one. At the time I was really debating the purchase. Looking back, I don’t even know who it was at that shop today. Pretty sure there are several Corbins. A total no brainer, daytime Corbin.


One simply cannot have enough Daft Punk. Especially old school hard house Daft Punk. Check out this one.


This one is kind of an album art grab, but I also peeped it before purchase. It’s great.


Really excited about grabbing this one. XTC is great, you should listen to more XTC. This is why:


I wish I had as much swag as The Cramps.

Here’s the overall rating for Everybody’s Records

Customer Service: 7/10

Selection: 6/10

Overall Score: 7/10


Check them out at