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Soylent green, is. Made…of people?

Hey Soul Sister,

Ain’t that Mr. Mister

On the radio, stereo,

the way you look ain’t fair, you know.

Well, I wish it was Mr. Mister on the radio, because I’d give my couch, car and cat to never hear that shitty Train song at work ever again.

Welcome To The Real World might harbor the most 80’s sound waves of all time. Everything you’d expect to hear from the decade of indulgence is there: crazy quick synth, soaring masculine vocals, unnaturally crisp drums, and totally gratuitious, unexpected guitar screams. And yes, it does sound ridiculous…but it’s also totally awesome. It instills you with unabashed power. Power that makes your fist pump, your jaw jut, and your girlfriend cover her face and shake her head in disgust.

And it contains two of the best 80’s songs: “Kyrie” and “Broken Wings”. Not familiar with those tracks? Take a look at the following videos and let the memories rush in, no matter how sticky they may be.

Behold “Kyrie” and it’s on-stage, on-tour montage. Nothing spelled success in the 80’s more than jumping really high on stage and giving high fives to roadies.

Mend those “Broken Wings” with this black and white beauty. No mournful 80’s music video is complete without a somber cruise in a classic American convertible.

 >>>Click here to download Welcome To The Real World

I can never, ever get enough Junior Boys. Come back to the Southgate House soon boys…just don’t mention hot browns next time. It’s not that I didn’t appreciate your attempt to connect with us locals because that was very sweet of you. I just don’t want to run the risk of some dumbass screaming “HOT BROWN, HOT BROWN, HOT BROWN” again after every single song. Every. Single. Song.

Click to download Hazel at 320 kbps


1. Hazel (Ewan Pearson’s Extended Disc Edit)
2. Hazel (Album Version)
3. Hazel (Ewan Pearson’s House Mix)
4. Hazel (Ewan Pearson’s House Dub)


*download below*

Mmmm tasty.  So sweet and juicy…Oh God it’s rolling down my chin. You know what, I don’t even care just let it roll right down to the collar. That’s right, little nectary juice drip just perch right there. Get comfortable that’s a poly/cotton blend no big deal. Breathes and won’t pill.

Do I dare take another bite? Will my frail constitution handle the sheer ecstasy? I don’t know…who cares.

Dig in girl. No nibbling you swallow that whole thing. That’s right take it in. Yeah, you like that. You definitely like it. Oooo that tickles stop that! You know papi’s sensitive. Just work the tip baby. That’s right. Just the tip.

Click here to download the Shout Remixes