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Sick of the deadly Midwestern freezin’? Get yourself some easy San Francisco breezin’!

Starring Rebuilt Tranny, featuring the song “Indian Lady”.

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A1 Indian Lady 8:06
Composed By – D. Ellis*
A2 Alone 5:33
Composed By – H. Levy*
A3 Turkish Bath 10:18
Composed By – R. Myers*
B1 Open Beauty 8:28
Composed By – D. Ellis*
B2 New Horizons 12:22
Composed By – D. Ellis*

A couple of nights ago I went out to a few bars in Over-The-Rhine with my girlfriend. Before we went out I decided it was a good idea to drink a Four Loko. After all, I didn’t have to work the next day and I still had two left from the stockpile I bought the day the company announced they were pulling supplies from corner stores and bodegas nationwide. Yes, they pulled them for safety concerns but, hey, I figure a Four Loko is the closest I can get to a cocaine high for $2 and life is short.

During the hyperactive buzz that followed I confessed to my boo the following things: Aretha Franklin is a strong, sexy black woman. Her voice exudes nothing but powerful, hypnotic confidence. Her eyes blaze with an honest sexuality that Dr. Ruth would find arousing yet sobering. And, most importantly, her music just fucking owns.

At least I’m pretty sure I said these things. Four Loko changed the password to my hidden files but my boo assures me I most definitely confessed these things using a deep, lustrous baritone. And I have no reason to doubt her.


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Peep the following video to see why Aretha is one sexy ass black woman. What you’ll find is a clip from the classic film Blues Brothers, featuring Aretha performing her song “Think”, which is also on this greatest hits comp.


A1 Respect
Written-By – Redding*
A2 Son Of A Preacher Man
Written-By – Hurley* , Wilkins*
A3 Since You’ve Been Gone (Sweet Sweet Baby)
Written-By – Franklin* , White*
A4 A Brand New Me
Written-By – Butler* , Gamble* , Bell*
A5 Think
Written-By – Franklin* , White*
B1 Spanish Harlem
Written-By – Leiber* , Spector*
B2 (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman
Written-By – Goffin-King* , Wexler*
B3 Rock Steady
Written-By – Franklin*
B4 Call Me
Written-By – Franklin*
C1 Chain Of Fools
Written-By – Covay*
C2 I Say A Little Prayer
Written-By – Bacharach-David*
C3 The House That Jack Built
Written-By – Lance* , Robins*
C4 Share Your Love With Me
Written-By – Braggs* , Malone*
C5 Baby, I Love You
Written-By – Shannon*
D1 Day Dreaming
Written-By – Franklin*
D2 Don’t Play That Song
Written-By – Ertegun* , Nelson*
D3 Bridge Over Troubled Water
Written-By – Simon*
D4 I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You)
Written-By – Shannon*

I had never realized how torn Marvin Gaye’s life was until I saw his biography on American Masters  a couple of weeks ago. The show portrayed Gaye as a man who was always tormented by good and evil influences that continually swirled around him. These influences led him in two directions: one toward God and one toward drugs, mainly cocaine. These criss-crossing paths took him to the pinnacle of musical success but also took a huge dump on his personal life.

The storm raging between his two worlds finally spilled out into the public with his album Here, My Dear in 1978, as explained below.

During the amazing success of I Want You and his stellar Live at the London Palladium album, Marvin Gaye was served with divorce papers from his then-wife Anna Gordy Gaye (sister of Motown Records founder Berry Gordy). One of the conditions of the settlement was that Gordy Gaye would receive an extensive percentage of royalties as well as a portion of the advance for his next album. Initially, Gaye was contemplating giving less than his best effort, as he wouldn’t stand to receive any money, but then reconsidered at the last moment. The result is a two-disc-long confessional on the deterioration of their marriage.  –  allmusic

Many people feel that the turmoil and heartache behind this album helped make it one of the greatest soul albums of all time.

However, I don’t feel that Mr. Marvin was really feeling all that heartbroken.

He’d been openly dating Janis Hunter, his backup singer and soon-to-be wife, for several years prior to his divorce from Anna. So what was the really the driving force behind one of the highest acclaimed soul albums of all time?

Now, I’m sitting here listening to this album and trying to figure out if some mysterious force was hurting Marvin during this whole thing, if he wanted people to just believe he was hurting or if he was really fucked up on cocaine and pumped out a great album.

Musically it’s spot on. If one didn’t know the album’s back story you’d have no problem just zoning out and absorbing the sweet sounds. This is why, many times, I just let the music speak for the artist and don’t delve into their personal life. But PBS brought Marvin’s deep dark secrets and spewed them all over my living room, so now I have to know.

So, I’m pretty sure the simple answer behind this album’s brilliance is cocaine, China White…Baby’s Blossom, Heman’s Dandruff, Tolstoy’s Tears……and lots of it. By 1979 “Marvin’s world was collapsing — his second marriage fell apart, his drug addiction flared out of control, the IRS seized his property. He moved from Los Angeles to Hawaii to London to Ostend, Belgium,” according to Marvin Gaye Biographer David Ritz.

If you listen to his monologue at the beginning of the title track “Here, My Dear” and compare that voice to any of his monologues from What’s Going On you’ll notice that his lung licorice has a decidedly different tone. It’s not the tone of heartache…no tinge of tear-soaked mourning. It’s the tone of a man who starts his day with California Cornflakes, extra sweet. A man who’s sleeping with Aunt Nora. A man who enjoys a good Sleigh Ride any time of the year.

Yes Here, My Dear is a great listen. But take it as one hell of a cocaine-fueled album about love…not driven by it.

Think I’m wrong? I’d love to hear your take on where the real soul of this album lies.


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A1   Here, My Dear 2:48 X
A2   I Met A Little Girl 4:58 X
A3   When Did You Stop Loving Me, When Did I Stop Loving You 6:11 X
A4   Anger 3:58 X
    Written-By – Delta Ashby , Ed Townsend
B1   Is That Enough 7:42 X
B2   Everybody Needs Love 5:41 X
    Written-By – Ed Townsend
B3   Time To Get It Together 3:51 X
C1   Sparrow 6:06 X
    Written-By – Ed Townsend
C2   Anna’s Song 5:49 X
C3   When Did You Stop Loving Me, When Did I Stop Loving You (Instrumental) 5:59 X
D1   A Funky Space Reincarnation 8:12 X
D2   You Can Leave, But It’s Going To Cost You 5:27 X
D3   Falling In Love Again 4:36 X
D4   When Did You Stop Loving Me, When Did I Stop Loving You (Reprise)

*download below*

I want to believe that this album has some sort of hidden magical power that makes everyone come together, forget their differences, and live harmoniously in a 1000 year reign of peace and understanding. I’d like to think that if I hooked up a sound system consisting of speaker horn loaded conch shells to the roof of my house in Over-the-Rhine and blared What’s Going On throughout the neighborhood that everyone would put down their serial number-tampered handguns and my neighbor would stop selling heroine to creepy assholes from Northern Kentucky in ratty Saturns. Maybe pregnant ladies wouldn’t get shot, loonies would stop throwing rocks through car windows, and Glenn Beck would fall into a volcano. The sweet sounds of Marvin’s voice, carried by his anointed orchestral wings, could shower over us like Manna from heaven and our iniquities would be atoned, trespasses forgotten.

This is really what I think of when I hear this album. I just seems so idealistic from a time when things were very much like they are now: cities in decay, basic necessities like healthcare being denied, and people just not understanding one another. How did we come to this again? It’s only been a wink under 40 years since this album was released.

I’d like to think that we here in Cincinnati are in for what happened to New York City after the 70s. When this album was released in 1971 Times Square was overrun by strip clubs, peep shows, pimps, prostitutes, gangs, drugs, mountains of garbage and general discontent. However, the people of the city realized that Times Square was worth saving and turned their environment around. It wasn’t easy and it took time, along with money, but it was worth saving. I’d like to think that there are still people left in Cincinnati that feel the same way about Downtown and the surrounding areas. There is too much rich history here to just let it recede into the twilight.

But maybe this album can be our shortcut. Maybe a good PA system will work like a magic wand and dissolve the bad mojo coursing through this city. Maybe Marvin is our savior.

Nah, Marvin wasn’t no saint. After all, he was shot to death in the midst of a coke binge while arguing with his pastor papa. There aren’t going to be any miracles.

So we’re gonna have to put Cincy back together by working together, one way or another.

Update: Governor Kasich gives Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland and the whole state of Ohio a swift kick in the nuts.

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