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There are so many reasons to love Goblin.

Primo, they composed the soundtrack to one of the best movies of all time: George Romero’s original Dawn Of The Dead. Goblin’s use of a full rock band mixed with primitive synth and sparing yet ghastly vocals are really the blood and guts of the Zombi, as it was called in Goblin’s home country of Italy. The track featured on this “Best Of” collection is a particularly jaunty number. I think it plays when the survivors first arrive at Monroeville Mall. I can envision Roger and Peter making zombie quiche with their rifle butts to the beat of this track while running past shops and boutiques, but I could be wrong. My disc is totally scratched or I’d fact check. If anyone can shed some light on this, please, let me know.

Secondo, Goblin’s made their claim to fame by composing the scores for horror films, almost exclusively. How nice it must have been for the guys of Goblin to wake up one day and say to themselves, “You know what? We’re sick of just playing normal prog rock all the time. We want to really spice things up. We want blood. Buckets of blood, God Dammit!” So they wrote songs about witches, serial killers, zombies, and the like. And were very successful, despite being an Italian prog rock band that writes scores for horror movies. I envy them immensely.

Terzo, their music hits all the right notes. They can be creepy when needed, as displayed in the song “Witch” from the film Suspiria:

But they can also flip the switch and crank out a catchy little tune, complete with awesome 8-bit accompaniment (which kicks in at about 45 seconds into the vid), like “Connexion” from the film Contamination:

Quarto, Goblin’s music has been remixed into some of the finest contemporary tracks. First, take a close listen to the already excellent theme from the movie Tenebre, as performed by Goblin.

Now, take a listen to the badass track “Phantom” by the electro duo Justice, which happens to also be one of my favorite groups.

Very similar but somehow Justice makes it their very own mind-blowing track. However, it maintains much of the original creep that makes Tenebre so delicious.

UPDATE: It seems that Gucci Mane has now sampled Justice sampling Goblin on his new track “Gucci Time”. Perhaps Tenebre will be sampled forever and ever in an infinite loop of horror madness.

Infine, Goblin are some of the snappiest dressers of all time. Just check out the turtleneck sweaters on these badboys.

“Hou want a scary track? I make it for you. Come back, one week.”

>>>Click here to download The Best Of Goblin

Side 1

1. Profondo Rosso (From The Film Profondo Rosso)
2. Witch (From The Film Suspiria)
3. E Suono Rock (From The Film Wampir)
4. Suspiria (From The Film Suspiria)
5. Zombi (From The Film Zombi, or Dawn Of The Dead)
6. Connexion (From The Film Contamination)
Side 2
1. Roller (From The Film Roller)
2. Nocturne (From The Film Notturno)
3. Phenomena (From The Film Phenomena)
4. Withy (From The Film Contamination)
5. Tenebre (From The Film Tenebre)
6. School At Night (Lullaby Child Version) (From The Film Profondo Rosso)
7. Death Dies (Film Version) (From The Film Profondo Rosso)

*download below*

This musical brew usually ain’t my cup of tea.  However, I know that the folks that dig this sort of thing particularly love rare releases.  So here you go, if you like Voivod or prog rock/thrash metal dig in.  I will say that the second track “Jack Luminous”, which clocks in at a staggering 17 minutes und 26 seconds, is by leaps and bounds and fox and hounds my favorite of the two.  Of course, this will be your favorite as well.

From what I’ve gathered this 12″ was released during a the band’s transition period when they were claymating their 80s metal days sound with the more progressive/alternative vibe that buttblasted the scene in the early 90s.  But I could be completely wrong: if there’s one thing I don’t really care to understand its genres or who begat who.

Maybe that makes me musically retarded.  Well, baby, if I’m retarded I don’t want to be bright.