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Play this at your party if you want Fun Fun, Fun Fun.

Click here to download Fun Fun

1. Bailo Bolero (Bolero Mix)9:20 with sexy vocals

2. Bailo Bolero (House Mix) 11:23 of sexy beats

This post will, hopefully, sound an end to this site’s recent string of errors. What you see above you is a set of dead eyes saying bon voyage to CPU failure. They’re looking back at the hardships my laptop has endured while putting this site together: hours of pushing its processing power 2 da max during 24-bit/48khz vinyl recording sessions, the endless punishment hammered upon the backspace key while eliminating miles of grahamatical errors, and its shiny exterior tarnished by all matter of liquor, goo and protoplasms.

Lil’ Lindasue also brings us good will from the corner with a friendly country song and dance. She’s telling me, in dainty porcelain twang, that my Dell is on the brink of resurrection. No longer will I have to endure the continually sticking space bar on this hulking, second-string behemoth. This space bar that took my eyelashes during a keyboard-induced nervous breakdown.

And so, I’m bringing Moby’s “Porcelain” to Rebuilt Tranny’s Rat Rod Record Exchange to act as a sort of salve, administered through the ears to help cure the blisters on my fingers. The soothing piano and ethereal synth motions will guide myself, and you, dear reader, into a new era of musical bliss. You will experience new vinyl rips at higher sound quality than ever thought possible on compressed MP3 format. It’s going to be beautiful baby, just beautiful.

We just need to keep Moby’s creepy cranium out of our heads or we’ll be broken down twice as bad as before.

Oh no!

>>>Click here to download the Porcelain 12″ Single


A1 Porcelain (Clubbed To Death Variation By Rob Dougan) 6:36
Remix – Rob Dougan
A2 Porcelain (Album Version) 3:59
B1 Porcelain (Futureshock Remix) 8:35
Remix – Futureshock
B2 Porcelain (Futureshock Beats) 3:59
Remix – Futureshock

Let’s ease back into things here with a butt-ripping electroshock track from Mr. Hancock.  This post is a test to make sure that everything is working hunky dory on this monstrosity of a laptop.  So, if you encounter any flukes, nukes or watery pukes upon listening, please turn off your amplifier and notify Dr. T. Ranny immediately.

Furthermore, check out the music vid if you haven’t seen it before; it will creep the beat out your shit.

Finally, I’d  like to point out that Herbie Hancock used the Fairlight CMI synthesizer to bake this tasty cake. If you’re a follower of  this site you might remember that the Fairlight is the same $25,000 synth that L. Ron Hubbard butchered on his soundtrack to the book Battlefield Earth. However, Hancock is proof that the electronic Excalibur can do terribly delicious things if put in the right hands.

Bonus! I’ve included a second video to display Herbie’s ridiculous Fairlight crackskills. Also, I’d like to point out that he’s using JBL 4311b speakers in his studio, which is what I use in my hillbilly soundcubicle.

Click here to download  Herbie Hancock’s blasterpiece,”Rockit”

There’s a new record store in Cincy called Another Part of The Forest that has a TON of awesome singles from the 80’s. I picked up a few while I was there this past week and will be back soon to feed my craving. Many of those singles all came from one huge collection with handwritten notes on each album cover. I feel bad for the DJ that had to let go of his preciouses. Everyone keep this New Wave Club Kid, whoever he/she is, in their prayers.

May Stacey Q smile upon you once again, my fallen turntable warrior.

Praise be unto Stacey.

>>>Click here to download the Two of Hearts 4-Song Single at 320 kbps


A Two Of Hearts (Vocal / European Dance Mix) 6:00
B1 Two Of Hearts (Instrumental) 4:39
B2 Two Of Hearts (Vocal / Radio Edit) 3:58
B3 Stacey’s Dream (A Capella) 2:32

I wish I had a personal tailor so that he could make me a double-breasted suit coat with the pattern from this album sleeve. The suit coat would also have 3/4 sleeves and big, I mean freakin’ huge, shoulders and probably some gold buttons…maybe even with anchors on them. Then I’d go to the salon and purchase all of the Paul Mitchell hair products they had from this chick:


Then I’d hop into my all white 1985 Mercedes 500SL with the AMG Package:



Finally I’d pop the Pet Shop Boys into my Dolby Noise Reduction-enabled Becker Grand Prix tape deck:



And listen to the West End Girls Dance Mix as I cruised down a palm tree-lined boulevard:



And with that my 80’s summer day fantasy would be complete.


Click to Download West End Girls 12″ to MP3