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vicious base

*download below*

This is one the diamonds in the rough that I picked up from WMSR, Miami’s University’s student radio station, right before they liquidated their entire inventory of vinyl.  What initially caught my attention was the totally badass cover.  I mean just look at it.

Look at those two pimps standing triumphantly on stage with the most insanely large speaker setup ever convieved.  I mean the stacks are actually set up on top of a huge subwoofer–the turntables are magically impervious to the subsonic bass pounding the writhing all-sexy-lady audience.

And just look at those buxom beauties, just crawling their way up to the crotchal regions of Magic Mike and Crew.  How can they resist their midnight black leather suits and lustrous 24k gold chains?  I know if I was there I probably wouldn’t be able to either.

Oh, and there’s a bitchin’ primary colored light stack.  Epic.

The album is pretty much what you’d expect from the cover–kinda in the vein of 69 Boyz’ eternal classic “Tootsie Roll” but also packin’ a sock full of quarters just in case shit gets real.

To fully enjoy this album I highly recommend that you listen with nothing less than 12 inch woofers driven by, at the absolute minimum, 100 watts each.  The bass, or BASE in Magic Country, is the real reason peep this.  It’s a nonstop onslaught of  sub 50hz pummeling that has to be felt to be appreciated.  It’s the kind of bass that just makes you want to rollerskate frontwards, backwards, and all crosslegged in an eternal thump- in-the-trunk driven loop of euphoria.

Check this shit out here:

1. It’s Automatic (Club Mix)
2. It’s Automatic (Radio Edit)
3. Magic Mike Will Load the 12 & Hit Ya!
4. Back to Haunt You