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The Dismemberment Plan - Emergency & I

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What interesting things can I tell you about this tasty treat?

Well, for starters the name “Dismemberment Plan” comes from an exquisite movie. More specifically, it rolls from the mouth of one of moviedom’s greatest supporting comedic characters: Ned Ryerson.



Additionally, this is the only album that Pitchfork Media hasn’t completely fucked up rating.

It received a 9.6 out of 10 when originally released. This vinyl re-release, with its 4 extra songs, received a 10 out of 10. The initial 1999 review was also a very tidy 21 words. I would have preferred an even 20, but I’ll let it slide.

If you consider yourself a fan of groundbreaking pop, go out and buy this album right now. Now. Get up. Go. – Pitchfork Media, 1999

I’d quote the re-issue review but it doesn’t have any pictures…which means I got bored before finding a meaty blurb and gave up.


Pictures: The only source of engaging entertainment.


Finally, I have a vague memory of seeing The Dismemberment Plan at the Southgate House during their farewell tour in 2003. It was the summer before I could legally drink. I was a bright and bouncing baby boy.

Unfortunately I obliterated most of my memory cells were during my 21st birthday party. Because it was so huge. Biggest 21st birthday party ever. Strippers from all over the Tri-State.

(It was actually quite a sad affair…lots of Super Bust-A-Move 2 and chasing Piano Little. Please don’t tell anyone.)

ANYWAY, Despite that bitchin mind-erasing party, one thing stuck with me from that show. No, it wasn’t the catchy snare-snapping beats. No, it wasn’t Mr. Morrison’s double-reed vocals. It was a short and sweet quote…just short enough to remember without the aid a two-dimensional graphic.

Morrison looked around at those dancing in the ballroom–up A-Frame and myself in the balcony–and said, “Where were all of you when our first album came out?”

Like if we’d all been there this wouldn’t have been their farewell show but a sold-out international extravaganza that cured AIDS, or at least gave it to Bono. And it wouldn’t have been a converted mansion in Newport, Kentucky they were playing but Carnegie Hall…with Matchbox 20 and Aaliyah as openers.

Do you really want to know where I was? Do you really want to know, Mr. Morrison? Ok, I’ll tell you.

It was 1995, I was 12 and riding in my Mom’s Chevy Celebrity Eurosport wagon, probably on my way to some Boy Scout jamboree at the Mormon Cincinnati South Stake. Perhaps I was utilizing the Celebrity’s rear jump seats.

And I was undoubtedly listening to this:



Or maybe I was looking for pair of Airwalks at Tri-County Mall, and this was playing on the Muzak:



But if I’d been Lakota Kool I probably would have been listening to this:



In any case it was 1995. If you’d asked me what Indie was I would have told you he’s a guy with a brown hat and a whip who hates Nazis.


Click here to download Emergency & I (with bonus tracks) from vinyl to MP3


The albums on this blog were selected because they speak. Some speak to the beauty of the world and its many peoples. Others speak through open exhaust pipes. One speaks idealistically while wearing funny glasses. And there are some that speak simply in a Southern drawl.

But there’s only one that whispers directly into your subconscious memory. When the needle drops Preemptive Strike lowers its voice to mask unsettling comments within the safety of snares, kick drums, and a chorus of eerie instrumentation. It implants auditory psychotropics, code named Altered States and THX 1138, deep within your belfry folds. When Preemptive Strike’s recorded voices stop your thinker will return dialogue with voices of its own. Voices that trigger flashbacks that may or may not have happened. Flashbacks that drive you to vainly scrub epidermis, dermis, muscle, to bone. You’ll never be clean again.

You’ll listen to this album and slip into slumber tonight with a conscious as pleasant as a plum. You will because you never felt DJ Shadow’s needleworms wriggle from your headphones through your ears and on into your subconscious. They’ll gestate for two hours and hatch thousands upon thousands of brain cicadas. This brood will emit a terrible, mind-screwing tone when they sense your morning wake.

In a few moments you will have an experience which will seem completely real…
It will be the result of your subconscious fears, transformed to your conscious awareness…
You have five seconds to terminate this tape…
Five, four, three, two, one……………………………………………….

The sound of this terrible screech won’t be entirely audible. You won’t really hear it over your SoniCare toothbrush during your pre-public rituals, but you’ll really know it’s there. Scrambling your thoughts, replacing ideas of an ordinary business lunch with an insect-like fixation on the scent of your bosses trousers. You’ll know it’s wrong, and attempts will be made to get your mindset back on the straight and narrow. This won’t make a lick of difference. It’s already begun and completely began.

Loathsome scenarios involving everything you love and hold dear will become permeated with the grotesque. Your first bike ride will be replaced with memories of your mother being torn apart by hyenas in a Kroger parking lot. You know this didn’t happen, but the cicadas know it did. Their land claim on your cerebrum will continue to grow. They’ll pump you full of alternate scenarios, both lived and yet to be. Loss of control will extend down to your core, to the building blocks that compose the very idea of what is you.

You’ll check yourself in a mirror and only see a conglomeration of ghostly crawling. The exterior is gone, a relic of the past. But what’s really important is what happened inside. Did you, as a person–a collection of beliefs, experiences, loves, prejudices, and questions–just disappear? If not, then what of it remains? In other words, what does your soul look like?

Accept one deviant concept: that our other states of consciousness are as real as our waking state and that reality can be externalized.

>>>Click here to download Preemptive Strike at 320 kbps LINK FIXED

The real stars on this album are the “What Does Your Soul Look Like” lineup that composes one of the two LPs. However, if you haven’t heard this album I don’t want to give anything away. As such, I’ve posted two excellent, mutually exclusive songs for your listening pleasure. Enjoy.


A In/Flux 12:12
B1 Hindsight 6:52
B2 High Noon 3:57
B3 Organ Donor (Extended Overhaul) 4:26
C1 What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 2) 13:51
C2 What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 3) 5:12
D1 What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 4) 7:12
D2 What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 1) 6:21

There are endless record stores in San Francisco. On just about every corner you’ll find a tiny little shop that slings vinyl, along with colorful books that are fun to look at after smoking a righteous J. Some of the places are super tiny–and I don’t think a lot of them can honestly be called record stores. Selling three large crates of records doesn’t make you a record store but a small general store that happens to have a few records on hand.

Then there’s the monster stores like Amoeba Records with stacks and stacks of wax upon wax. It’s actually a bit intimidating to sort through all of their warez. It would probably take a full day to look through everything…but they’re continually putting new stuff out so it’s just impossible to keep up. It’s like if you’ve ever tried to dig a really big hole below high tide–sooner or later shit’s gonna get inundated.

Most of the time at the record stores here I see stuff that’s completely foreign to me.  All sorts of Japanese imports, way too many local bands, and just odd ball LPs all over the place. This would all be fine and dandy if I had unlimited funds. So, it always comes down to a stack of about 10 records that must be whittled down to 2, maybe 3 at the most. And when it comes to the finalists I really wish I had a smart phone to find out exactly who these mystery musicians are I’m about to drop 30 bucks on.

But the fanciest thing my phone does is text, and since Cha Cha isn’t free anymore I just have to make tough decisions. This, more often than not, means picking the album with the most interesting cover.

There’s no album that’s a better example of this than Steel Pole Bath Tub’s The Miracle of Sound In Motion. See, I’m a real sucker for weird sound effects albums, as evidenced by the Environments and Automotive Recordings posted on this site. (I actually picked up another Environments album at Amoeba Records during the same trip. I simply couldn’t pass this one up. Two words: Love In. You’re going to love it.) From the front and rear covers of this album it appears, on first glance, that this is a really exciting sound journey. Something that really butters the ear drums and throw em on a skillet. However, when I put this bad boy on this wasn’t the case at all.

This album is a noisecore affair, meaning hardcore music mixed with sound effects and samples. There’s no crazy stereophonic ping pong paddling. No simulated surround sound. No cheezy trumpets battling for stereophonic superiority. None of that hokey stuff I so desperately crave.

Initially I was kind of pissed. “FALSE ADVERTISING,” I screamed with rage-clenched fists. There were probably tears shed, but don’t tell anyone. However, this feeling of being cheated quickly changed to intrigue.

Who was this album designer that totally tricked me into purchasing this disc on a stylistic whim. The credits listed Sam Suliman so I looked him up. What I found was really quite stunning:

See more awesome Sam Suliman record labels here and here.

Sam Suliman kind of reminds me of a Charley Harper of album art. Simple shapes and colors that really pop when arranged in just the right way. Oh yeah, I also found this one:

Looks familiar...

I really wonder how Steel Pole Bath Tub got Sam Suliman to let them use an old design on their album cover. It’s really a great design–hell, it got me to buy the damn thing. If anything, even if I absolutely hated the music inside, it was worth $12 just for visual appeal.

But it turns out that I really dig this album. Hardcore, let alone noisecore, albums rarely find their way into my collection. This brings me back to the whole smart phone debate. If I’d had a smart phone the day I picked this bad boy up I would have searched Steel Pole Bath Tub online and probably decided against the purchase. Instead of this work of art and sound in my collection there’d be a disc of interviews with Indy 500 racers. Thank God that didn’t happen.

Record collecting should be all about your intuition. If you’re a record scavenger you should visit a store planning to spend $30 bucks at the absolute max during each hunt, and hunt often rather than clearing out one store’s collection once a month. Many times the way an album looks, feels, or even smells will tell you everything about it. Other times, like with Steel Pole Bath Tub, its appearance will tell you nothing. But never consider any purchase a bad purchase. Take the damn thing home, crank it up, and enjoy it while you can. The best thing about collecting is taking new paths and experiencing new music.

Plus, you can always find some sucker for a profitable resell.

>>>Click here to download The Miracle at 320 kbps

I also have to include the script from the back of this album. It’s really a marketing masterpiece of lies and deceit, although I kind of think the copy up until a certain point may have been on The Sound of Sounds and the rest was written for The Miracle of Sound In Motion. I figure this because once it gets into the description of particular songs on The Miracle of Sound In Motion a bunch of typos rear their ugly heads.

Why are you interested in this album? Perhaps your eye was caught by the unique cover design and you decided to discover what the whole thing is all about. Fine! Keep reading!

Maybe you’re some sort of HI-FI stereo “bug” who thinks of his “rig” with the same degree of affection and devotion a Ferrari owner has for his car. Swell! We’re still batting a thousand!

It could be that you always check out the new SOUNDS and your local record merchant told you this was a “must listen”. We think so too!

Then again you could be such an extreme individualist that no description or category an account for you. PAX VOBISCUM!

Whether whimsical daydream or disciplined professional we all agree SOUNDS have the ability to take us to the heights of euphoria or the depths of despair. Second only to the sensations of sight, taste and touch, hearing is our most intense form of perception. This was our inspiration for recording the SOUNDS that we have here. Each SOUND will strike a chord of remembrance or of mystery. One of nostalgia or of fantasy.

The sentimentalist in you will want to relive the futility of love, in all it’s *sic* nuances, with Exhale.

The more adventurous sort might prefer the roguish, high-level espionage flavor of Thumbnail.

The listener with a more repressed streek *sic* of of homicidal vengeance will appreciate being behind the trigger of the kill-spree that is 594.

For those in need of some relaxation, simply take the Train to Miami where the world is warm and happy, peopled by loving souls dressed in colorful fun-wear.

These SOUNDS and more await your pleasure with open, welcoming arms. But enough said! The moment ou join needle to record is the moment your journey into the strange and wondrous world of SOUND begins.


This sound recording is engineered to perfection and is the final product of decades of research and development into dynamic directional stereophonic recording techniques. Initial recordings are originally recorded onto Sears Velocity Response Hard-drive (77 LFO’s) which affords the tympanic membrane complete voice allocation priority. (In this way we are able to bypass intigrated *sic* MIDI entirely, decreasing the overlap amount.) Limitless “tracks” are then dumped directly to a binary Matrix Modulator by means of our Special Electronic Process (SEP).

SEP, in addition to incorporating all “live” instruments into multi-tymbral instrument banks of sample cell hierarchy, allows for new velocity zones to be heard, heretofore undiscernable *sic* to the human or even canine ear. With the addition of the Waveform Sound Accelerator in the final “mixdown” stage, SEP enables perfect octave priority with equal detune. The inception and utilization of SEP, given its longitudinal and vertical parameters of dialogue, marks a significant advance in the art of dynamic directional stereo reproduction.

This recording is sequence-generated in accordance with the specifications adopted by the Recording Industry of America (RIA). For best results set the controls on your equipment to equalize with the RIA playback amplitude curve.


Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride 5:26
Train To Miami 4:46
Exhale 4:09
Thumbnail 4:48
Down All The Days 3:43
Carbon 3:59
Bozeman 2:57
Borstal 4:42
594 4:06
Waxl 2:58


On Monday I’m hopping in my Mazdaspeed Protege, pointing west, and making an incredible journey to San Francisco via Route 66. AAA couldn’t provide a continuous map via digiweb, so my boo and I are going old school and finding tee pee motels, giant blue whales of the open plains, and the real Cadillac Ranch using some type of paper guide that folds in the most disgusting fashion. During this dangerous trip we’ll need some good thinking music and I couldn’t think of a better album to copilot than Yo La Tengo’s Fakebook. Its pining vocals and floating guitars scream open roads and unreconciled Midwestern emotion.

See, I’m leaving Cincinnati for good. I’ve lived here for 20 years and have a lot of stored-up memories. Over the four or five days we’ll spend driving across this great country my mind will roll the footage of a life spent cradled in the Midwest’s overly-warm bosom. I’m hoping that Fakebook will enhance the picture clarity and contrast of these toasty times, both good and bad, as they flicker across my Brain-O-Vision.

I can't afford LCD.

Here’s a list of the 15 things, in no particular order, that I’ll be missing most from in and around the Queen City.

1. Penn Station

Yes, Penn Station is an East Coast Sub shop founded in Cincinnati. And yes, my favorite sub is a Philly Cheesesteak. But there’s something about Penn Station that’s just SO freakin’ good. I’ll take mushrooms, onions, banana peppers, mayo AND pizza sauce over the real deal cheese whiz sammich any day.

*Make sure you get it wrapped up to go so the meaty juices fully saturate the criminally addictive french bread. MMMM.

2. Contemporary Arts Center

The CAC is the coolest 6 floors I’ll ever climb.  It plays host to internationally-acclaimed contemporary art in a city known for little more than a now-forgotten show called WKRP In Cincinnati. The curators also change the exhibits in a timely pace so the work never gets old. AND THE BUILDING IS JUST SO FUCKING COOL.

*The top floor is all interactive art. It’s meant for kids but hey, I’m a grown-ass man and no 3rd-grader is going to remove me from the rocking trailer against my will.

1st Floor at the CAC

CAC, on the corner of 6th and Walnut

3. Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal

One of the best Art Deco buildings in the entire nation. It was originally a train station built in the 30s and almost demolished during the 70s but now plays host to three attractions: the Cincinnati History Museum with its very cool scale model of WWII-era Cincy, the Museum of Natural History has a spooky man-made cave with a strange, musty smell I’ll never forget, and the OMNIMAX Theater uses an encapsulating dome screen to keep moviegoers on the verge of puking.

*Check it out on a Saturday and get the free Rotunda Tour. This will take you through the President’s Office, which is a circular Art Deco dream of inlaid wood and stainless steel.

The Rotunda: The world's largest half dome filled with absolutely incredible mosaics of the American Dream.

I want to live in this room.

4. Cyclones Hockey Games

Cincinnati has two major league sports teams, but the most exciting sporting organization is a Minor League Hockey Team. The Cyclones have won the ECHL’s Kelly Cup two out of the three past seasons, which also makes them the most successful professional sports team in Cincinnati. The games and the fans are always raucous. If you’re lucky, like I once was, you’ll get picked to play musical chairs out on the ice between periods.

*Cyclones games are always the most lively on Big Beer or Dollar Beer Nights. You can imagine why.

#1 Fan

5. The Southgate House

The best mansion-cum-music venue in Cincinnati is right across the river in Newport, Kentucky. The Southgate House has three stages: a big ballroom (which features the best sound system within 300 miles) complete with wraparound balcony, a large music parlour upstairs with all sorts of creepy paintings from knock-off old world masters, and Junie’s Lounge featuring open mic acts, local flavors and portraits of dead presidents. The whole place oozes character.

*The Southgate House is a great place during the summer to catch a drink because of its large porch, which rocks older country-western/folk music and affords patrons a limited view of Great American Ballpark.

Birthplace of the Thompson Submachine Gun, aka "Tommy Gun"

6. Lenhardt’s and Christy’s Goetta Grilled Cheese

Goetta is a Cincinnati delicacy that’s somewhat like breakfast sausage and all about preparation. I’ve tried so many times to recreate Christy’s Goetta Grilled Cheese at home but just can’t. Even the multiple variations I’ve tried at Goettafest don’t come close. You have to try Christy’s heavenly toasted treat at least once.

*Visit Christy’s in the summertime during the day to avoid a crowd and enjoy your Goetta Grilled Cheese with a cold Franziskaner Hefeweizen and a free round of bocceball on their outdoor biergarten. You can also enjoy their wood-slathered rathskeller (basement bar) in the winter.


Better than it looks.

7. Quatman Cafe

One of the most unassuming little joints you’ll ever visit has some the best burgers around. No fancy toppings, just a big slab of onion and thin slices of sweet pickles. Most times I’ve been there they’ve taken money off the bill at checkout for no reason other then they’re nice people. It’s the perfect example of what Midwestern dining should be: no nonsense deliciousness blended with honest-to-goodness hospitality.

*Don’t miss out on Hudepohl Beer on tap with frosty mugs.

Minus the can.

8. Cincinnati’s Surprisingly Good Vinyl Shops

Not one, not two, not three, but four good vinyl shops in Cincinnati. There are a few other small players as well. But be sure to check out Everybody’s Records, Shake-It Records, Moles CD & Record Exchange, and Another Part Of The Forest.

*You can find links to all of these fine vinyl establishments at the bottom of this page.

Mole's small but succulent front room collection.

9. Oktoberfest Zinzinnati

Munich’s sister city throws one hell of an Oktoberfest with over 1,000,000 visitors each year. Stick to the pork schnitzel and a refillable stein for one killer weekend. Just make sure you’re careful when the Chicken Dance kicks in.

*Sometimes things can get pretty crazy at this rowdy beer festival. Click here to see what I mean.

10. Mother’s Day Steamboat Cruises On The Ohio River

The best way to take your beautiful mom out for a view of Cincinnati’s beautiful skyline is on the Belle of Cincinnati, an honest-to-god pirate steamboat.  The river is nice (as long as you’re not swimming in it) but the best part is the piano-playing dude in a straw boater hat who performs on the Belle. He’ll sing the hokey-pokey while a bunch of drunk middle-aged women shake their goods on a floating dance floor. If you’re lucky, and the weather’s nice, you’ll get to hear this Ragtime Rambler jam on the calliope poised upon the top deck.

*The following video is of the Delta Queen’s calliope in action, not the Belle of Cincinnati , but it’s the same deal.

11. Mainstrasse and Its Many Festivals

I used to live off of Mainstrasse in Covington, KY, which is immediately across the river from Cincinnati and walking distance to Paul Brown Stadium. It’s the perfect place for those who love hoofin’ it to their social rendezvous. There are over 20 bars and restaurants within 5 minutes walking distance and each establishment plays host to a kaleidoscope of folks.

Plus, Mainstrasse is home to a whole slew of festivals throughout the year. This includes Maifest, Oktoberfest, Goettafest, The World’s Longest Garage Sale and also hosts a farmers’ market every Saturday throughout the summer. Good times.

*Check out Village Pub and get their Russian beer special. It’s $3 for a 25 oz. bottle of 9% alcohol beer from St.Petersburg. It’s like a Soviet Four Loko, but tasty.

It's really long.

12. Bitching About The Bengals

Every year Bengals fans say, “This is going to be the year. Carson’s knee hasn’t rejected the alpaca knee joint transplant. Ochocinco’s cut down his mirror collection from 2,000 to 1,000 units. Anthony Muñoz has a bitchin’ new Furniture Fair commercial.” And every year the Bengals take a dump in our hearts.

Yet, somehow, we always stick with them even though we’ve viciously sworn them off. It’s not because we really think they have a chance of winning a new season. It’s because we love having our dreams crushed. We want the Bengals to be just good enough to muster dreams of the playoffs so they can lose in a hilariously inept fashion.

After all, Cincinnatians are sports masochists by heart.

>>>Click here for some vintage Bengals tunes.

13. Red River Gorge in Daniel Boone National Forest

Combine some of the oldest woods in the world, miles upon miles of challenging trails and rock climbing paths, unique geological structures like rock houses and natural bridges with a hands-off approach to park policing and you get one of the best camping areas in the Eastern United States.

*There are all sorts of hidden campsites in the Gorge. The best are located under the ampitheatre-like rock houses and rock walls. Many have big stone bonfire pits and stone seats where you can relax and investigate the weird cave wildlife overhead. These sites are technically off limits for camping but enforcement is relaxed.

God's Country. Not the vengeful one.

14. Fall

I’m excited to leave behind the sticky summers and indecisive winters but will definitely miss fall. I love the changing of the leaves, getting pumpkins from the patch and mixing fresh cider with spiced rum. But I think I’ll miss the smell of fall more than anything…the smell of burning foliage emanating from the mysterious woodland house near my parents’ place.

Yes, I’m going to miss that smell. And the smell of gunpowder from that mystery homeowner as he shoots his shotgun into a pile of chopped wood during a whiskey bender.

15. Jack Atherton’s Bedroom Eyes

Bonjour, mon cheri.



>>>Click here download Yo La Tengo’s Fakebook, the album that made these memories possible, at 320 kbps




1 Can’t Forget 2:13
2 Griselda 1:54
Written By – Antonia Apodeca
3 Here Comes My Baby 2:26
Written By – Cat Stevens
4 Barnaby, Hardly Working 4:12
5 Yellow Sarong 1:37
Written By – Scene Is Now, The
6 You Tore Me Down 2:48
Written By – Chris Wilson , Cyril Jordan
7 Emulsified 2:46
Vocals – Pussywillows, The
Written By – Rex Garvin
8 Speeding Motorcycle 3:16
Guitar – Georgia Hubley
Written By – Daniel Johnston
9 Tried So Hard 2:13
Written By – Michael Clarke
10 The Summer 2:40
Bass – Gene Holder
11 Oklahoma, U.S.A. 2:18
Organ – Georgia Hubley
Written By – Ray Davies
12 What Comes Next 3:11
13 The One To Cry 1:47
Double Bass [Fiddle], Vocals – Peter Sampfel
Written By – Escorts, The
14 Andalucia 3:33
Organ – Georgia Hubley
Written By – John Cale
15 Did I Tell You 3:21
16 What Can I Say 2:03
Written By – Joey Spampinato

Right off the bat I want to to warn you about a couple things before you listen to this. First, this might be one of the worst albums of all time. From what I can gather these tapes were only sold at Pizza Huts back in 1990. I’m pretty sure Pizza Hut acquired temporary use of the TMNT trademark and hired a bunch of shitty studio recording artists to make this. Instead of making music that even remotely resembled the character of the fearsome four they just took whatever throw-away tunes they had sitting around and put turtle lyrics on them. I mean, take a listen to this one.

Second, the actual recording of this is pretty awful. I’m not sure if the tape’s the best shape. It sure isn’t worn out because I knew this album was garbage when I was 7 and never played it. It’s been sitting in a wicker box with cartoon golfers painted on the side for the past 20 years. It may be the Technics RS-T11 tape deck I used. It has Dolby Noise Reduction but they might as well call it Dolby Treble Reducer because that’s all it does. I just know that while tapes look cool they usually sound like crap because they were built like crap. Screw tapes.

Finally, the Turtles would never use the acoustic guitar which is so prevalent in this album. Yeah, Raph’s sensitive and could theoretically use it to pick up chicks, and you might think Donatello could be attracted to classical guitar studies, AND Leonardo might argue, rationally, that even the most slammin’ rock group uses the acoustic on occasion. But Michelangelo would swoop in the minute any one of his bros picked up an acoustic and smash it over a foot soldier’s head. Seriously, no acoustics, dudes.

What follows are the lyrics for the track “Pizza Power”. A vid with the song is at the bottom of the page.

Pizza Power

Growing up in a glass bowl

With chameleons, lizards and tadpoles

It hardly enters your mind

That there’s something better than this

Ninja turtles...

(disputable lyrics in italics)

I’d better sleep in a carrot

Maybe a scene from The Parrot

Believe me when I tell you the words “Gone Majors” don’t exist



BUT Pizza Power

A flying saucer food delight

Pizza Power

Aw, that’s what makes us feel all right

But then we all began changin’

Our size was all rearrangin’

It led us to discover the kind of food that we like best


It isn’t burgers or french fries

The work fraternal’s on our side

Ice cream cake or apples pies



are totally...

Pizza Power

Is the thing that keeps us going.

Pizza Power

Is the food we’re dancing for

Pizza Power

We take great comfort in knowing

Pizza Power

Can be delivered to your door’

**40 second meandering guitar duet**

Pizza Power

Makes your turtle bell start ringing

Pizza Power

Pizza Power

Is the reason we are singing

Pizza Power

Eat it any time of day



Pizza Power

When it comes to food that’s what we say

Pizza Power

Pizza Power

Always better the next day

Pizza Power

Pizza Power makes us feel all right

Pizza Power makes us feel all right

>>>Click here to download Coming Out Of Their Shells