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Corbin Cloward - San Francisco Record Collector copywriter writer journalist
The purpose of this blog is to explore the hidden gems of vinyl collecting. Every now and then you’ll find yourself in the thrift store, elbow deep in stacks of sneeze-inducing Herb Alpert Tijuana Body Shot Christmas records. Invariably you’ll think, “What’s the point, this heap of dewy-wet-turned-mildewed dreams was totally picked over by that kid in the paper-thin flannel shirt and single leg rolled-up jeans stooped over by that ironic velvet painting.” Then, as if coaxed by the Divine Hand…BAM!…you lock eyes with your agonizingly beautiful prom queen twirler. Working her over with your diamond-tipped needle is what makes record hunting worth the hours of dust allergies, worn grooves and heartbreak.

This site was originally intended for vinyl collectors but functions equally well, if not better, for digital music aficionados.  As such, all ears big, small, floppy and gnawed are welcome.

The records featured here are converted to 320kbps MP3s using a Technics SL-10 Turntable, Luxman L-100 Integrated Amplifier, and CD Wave Editor along with Audacity software. The final products are then given the Rebuilt Tranny Seal of Approval after passing inspection through a pair of JBL 4311B Control Monitors or Audio Technica ATH-M50 Studio Headphones.

After the sound check each side of every record is split, tagged and labeled for individual songs. This ensures the greatest ease of use on your iPod…or the sonically superior MP3 player of your choice.

***All records are ripped and torn in the sweaty crotch of Ohio’s creepy uncle: Cincinnati. However, this one pony show will be moving to San Francisco by the end of January 2011.

I do my best to bring vinyl alive through the digital medium. However, despite the touch of my magic hand, my MP3s will NEVER sound as good as the real thing. So, get out and visit your local vinyl shop, hit up an artist’s website or scavenge the corner thrift store. I’d love to keep all of the records for myself but, hey, a little healthy competition from fellow vinylistas never hurt anyone.

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Rebuilt Tranny's Rig

Rebuilt Tranny's Rig


  1. Great blog! Not just bizarre, educational and sensual, but very diverse. I actually learned a lot (in a bizarre, sensual way!) Keep the reviews coming!! Thanks!

  2. have you ever heard “the soul ofa city boy” by jesse colin young? i have it on vinyk and would love to get it on cd.

  3. how can i hear some of this stuff?

  4. I haven’t heard that but I’ll check it out. There are a few websites that show you how to rip your vinyl onto your computer then to CD. Here’s a really good one to start with: Also, I found that album already ripped from vinyl to mp3 at this website: I hope that’s helpful! If you’re asking about how to hear the stuff on this website just download the zip files in each post; they call contain albums. I hope this helps a bit!

  5. Congrats & thanks: the blog is promising, and I shall be a frequent visitor. In case you ever come to Brazil, you can count on a beer on me by way of “Thanks for sharing!” 🙂

  6. Hey, thanks for checking out the record exchange. If I’m ever in Brazil I’ll be sure to take you up on your offer 8)

  7. Great site and your local!

  8. Totally a local yocal.

  9. hey. cool site. i’m in cinci and have an abandoned blog that’s similar to yours. I hope to get back to it some time soon.

    Anyway, you mention a records barn near mad hatter. Could you tell me where that is? I’m curious and would love to scope it out.

    Love the hustler display in longworth hall article. priceless.


  10. I need two forms of State-issued ID. Formalities are the truest form of flattery. Holler if you hear me.

  11. Thanks for a great site – love the Joanna Newsome material.

    The rips sound great – what cartridge are you using in the SL10? Great sounding (and looking!) deck!

    Thanks to your site I’ll be ordering her LPs. 🙂

    • Hey, thanks for stopping by. I use the original Technics EPS-310MC that, from what I’ve read, was designed specificially for the SL-10. It cost a bit more on eBay for one with that cartridge but I have to say it was well worth it.

      I’m glad to hear you’re picking up the Joanna Newsom discs, they sound great.

      Check back soon for more bitchin’ tracks.

  12. That cart sounds amazing – very highly prized over here (UK) so you were lucky to get a deck with that one. I just managed to score an SL10 on Ebay yesterday, but will have to hunt around for one of those cartridges.


  13. Hey Mate,

    Just like to say a big thanks, I tracked down an album I probably never would’ve been able to if not for your site 🙂 Much respect from a fellow fan of obscure electronica

    From Australia

    • I’m glad to be of service. Which album did you snag?

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