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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Howdy Folks, it’s been a while. I’ve been away looking for the perfect P-Mount turntable cartridge…something that still eludes me.

If you haven’t noticed, the file storage account associated with this page has been locked. Since I don’t own the rights to any of the albums presented on this site, and therefore don’t have a case for having the account unlocked, the music you previously loved discovering is most likely forever lost to time. Frankly, I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner.

So, the sharing was fun while it was lasted. Rebuilt Tranny was able to share the strange, beautiful, smooth, sad, weird, groovin’, happy, environmental, tragic and cheesy sides of music with an audience that otherwise would have been deaf to such gems. Check out a taste of the past here.

Now, I’m not going to just say adiós and thanks for all the good times. I’m a firm believer that the saying “all good things must come to an end” is complete bullshit. Things from here on out might not be the same, but we’re still going to have a good time…whether the man likes it or not. Here’s what I’m thinking.

The name of this website is “Rebuilt Tranny’s Rat Rod Record Exchange.” Until now this has been a one way exchange of information. What I propose is an actual record exchange between myself and the internet audience. This will happen in two parts.

FIRST!  I’d like to share records with people all over the world . I would love to send you a record and receive one in return. You can request a record that was on Rebuilt Tranny’s Rat Rod Record Exchange before The Great Crash of 2012 or you can receive a random album. We can either share rips of records or actual records.

If I receive an actual record I’ll do a write-up similar to what was on here in the past. However, there won’t be a full album download available…but there will be examples of the album available on either videos or a direct player. I’ve been entertaining the idea of doing Rebuilt Tranny podcasts but it’s just the matter of how much free time I can scrounge up.

I’m going to start this exchange by sending The Death Wish II Soundtrack, Dr. Demento’s Greatest Novelty Tracks of the 60′s and Slim Whitman’s Very Best to long-time reader Mr. James Mustey in Southeastern Australia. It may take time to receive my copy of the Deepthroat Soundtrack and other tasty morsels in San Francisco so in the meantime the rest of you can request records and I’ll send them out ASAP.

I’d like to stress that there’s no money involved in this. It’s just a free honor system international record exchange. It’s meant to be fun! I have a bunch of Rebuilt Tranny banner bumper stickers so I’ll send one of those as a special treat, as well as a lewd message that’s tailored specifically for your body type.

SECOND!  I’d like to start a local record exchange and listening club in San Francisco. You can check out the specifics at MeetUp for the Rebuilt Tranny’s Rat Rod Record Exchange & Listening Club.

My hope is that this can start as a monthly or weekly get together for music lovers in the Bay Area that will one day turn into something bigger at a local venue or something of the like. That, of course, is far in the future.

For now it will probably be a handful of people first meeting on neutral ground, like the wonderfully dank atmosphere of Encore Karaoke Bar. After we weed out the serial rapists and wet napkins we’ll meet at each other’s places to show off our monster stereos on a somewhat regular schedule. It is at this time we’ll also swap records with multiple partners.

So there you have it folks. I’m hoping this little experiment is a success. I’d love to share some records and meet some new people who love little black groovy discs as much as I do.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for reading. I hope to hear from you soon.